Winter tax break


With the start of another heating season, Arrowhead Cooperative would like to remind our members who have electric heat as a primary heat source that their heat is exempt from Minnesota sales tax, November through April.

The exemption only applies to electricity used as your primary fuel for residential heating; the property can not be considered rental property. If you have two heat meters, only one heat meter is tax exempt. Electricity from lights, appliances, etc. is not tax exempt.

Arrowhead Cooperative must charge sales tax unless we have a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate on file. Download the Sales Tax Exemption Certificate, complete, and mail to our office.

If you qualify for the heat tax exemption, please complete and send in the form below. If you are not certain you qualify, check out the Minnesota State Sales Tax Fact Sheet for Residential Utilities. If you find you qualify and are not sure if you have already submitted this certificate, contact our billing office at 218-663-7239 or 1-800-864-3744.


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