You’ve got mail…Broadband mail.

This week will mark the arrival of a large envelope to your mailbox.  Contained within will be just a few sheets of paper which are of great importance if you have broadband on your mind.

Inside the envelope you’ll find a form to fill out which grants Arrowhead permission to install our fiber optic cable between your electric meter and your home or business.  The form needs to be filled out completely AND SIGNED.  Arrowhead will not accept modifications to the language on the form.  The back side of the page contains a large space for you to provide a sketch of your property.  As we are unable to meet with property owners on site prior to construction, this site sketch is your opportunity to communicate any and all information you deem important for Arrowhead to know about.  What kind of information will be helpful?

We want to know: how the driveway enters the property (and if it’s paved), the rough locations of private power, phone, propane and septic lines, garages or other buildings which you might want service to and an estimated distance between each building.  If you know where your power line enters your home we want to know this too and if it’s an overhead line or an underground line.  It would also be beneficial for you to mark where your electrical panel is within your home.  You are welcome to include any other information you want us to know about.

The mailing has all the information listed on it so don’t feel as though you need to memorize what Arrowhead will find helpful right now.  Arrowhead will provide a copy of this sketch to our contractor to aid them in construction.  Remember, if the power line is overhead, fiber will be strung overhead.  If power is underground, we’ll bury the fiber underground. If you have a paved driveway that we MUST cross we will be boring underneath in lieu of cutting the asphalt. We will construct along the power routes with some exceptions.  For example, if the existing underground power line run to your home is through the woods and it is a shorter and/or easier (i.e. avoiding ledge rock) for Arrowhead to install the fiber optic cable down the side of your driveway.  That decision will be made by our contractor on site.   In all cases Arrowhead needs to install the box on the side of the home typically within 6’ of where power enters the home.  Further, it must be installed 42-60” above ground to allow for home installation and future maintenance.

Also enclosed in the envelope will be a number of frequently asked questions and answers.  Additional information is being put on our website at If you have an e-mail address and you haven’t previously signed-up for our e-newsletter you can do so at the above website too.  You can expect more information to be available at the Arrowhead Electric Cooperative annual meeting which takes place on Saturday, June 9th at the Arrowhead Center for the Arts in Grand Marais.  Breakfast is served at 8am with the meeting to follow at 10am.

Please note if you live in Schroeder, Tofte or Lutsen you will not be receiving a mailing as they were sent to that area in 2011.  Also, if you rent your home, please contact the property owner to be sure the owner signs off on construction.

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