Where does my electricity come from?

The source of your power.

While Arrowhead Electric provides all the reliable power you need, it might come as a surprise to know we do not actually generate the electricity itself.

Generating Electricity

We are a member of Great River Energy, a Generation and Transmission Cooperative based in Elk River, Minnesota. Great River uses coal to generate electricity at Coal Creek Station and Stanton Station, both in North Dakota. Great River also generates and purchases electricity from sources using natural gas, wind and hydroelectric power. Learn more.

Transmitting Electricity

Transmission lines are the link between our power generation source and Arrowhead Electric. They’re capable of transmitting great volumes of electricity, and the 69kV line we use has the capacity to power our entire service area, as well as the entire City of Grand Marais, a municipal utility not part of Arrowhead Electric. Learn more.

Distributing Electricity

Substations along transmission routes, such as the five owned and maintained by Arrowhead Electric Co-op, lower the high voltage of electricity coming in on transmission lines to a level that can be distributed safely to our members. Once it gets close to your home or business, another transformer lowers the voltage again, and a secondary power line brings it to your meter. After that, it’s yours to use. Learn more.