Why does the power go out?

Weather and work: the two main reasons for power outages.

Mother Nature and Electricity

Most power outages are caused by the weather, especially here in northeast Minnesota, where strong winds, ice storms and heavy snows can snap trees and even power poles themselves, which fall and break the lines. When this happens, we work to restore your power as soon as it is safe to do so.

Planned Outages

Occasionally, we need to turn power off in a specific area in order to perform our work. This type of outage is quite rare and usually only affects a few members at a time. Larger planned outages are announced on Boreal and WTIP.

How can the power go out on
underground lines?

Even if your lines are buried, the transmission lines that lead to and from our substations are overhead, and can therefore be damaged by the weather. Also, underground lines can be damaged by rocks and tree roots, or accidentally cut by someone who didn’t call before digging.

We aim to provide the most reliable power available, and when the power goes out, we go to work.