Operation Round-Up

Spring 2019 Operation Round Up Grants

The Arrowhead Electric Trust awarded $19,593.64 in grants to 11 community organization in June 2019.

Organization Project/Request Amount Awarded
North Shore Health Care Foundation Oral Health Task Force -dental care for low income children $5,000.00
Great Expectations School Rain gear for 1st & 2nd grade students $1205.64
Chikwauk Museum/Gunflint Trail Historical Society Education and learning materials $1,100.00
Cook Count Extension Community Gardens -garden space expansion $1,700.00
Soil and Water Conservation District Community watershed engagement activities $2,992.00
Cook County Community Center Youth Baseball Little League Field storage and scoreboard $1,000.00
Cook County Community Education Day camp & afterschool program scholarships $2,500.00
Grand Portage Elderly Nutrition Program Quilting and art supplies $1,274.00
Cook County Local Energy Project Funding for curriculum and speakers for 2020 Builders Workshop $2,000.00
Schroeder Historical Society Electrifying Cook County exhibit $822.00
  Total Funds Awarded 2019 $19,593.64

Round up your bill and reward the community.

Operation Round-Up

When you join the Operation Round-Up Program, we’ll automatically “round up” your monthly electric bill and donate the added change to area not-for-profits—making real change in our neighborhoods.

If your electric bill is $74.63, we can round it up to $75
and invest the additional 37¢ in the Operation Round-Up Trust.

The average annual contribution is $6.00 and the most a member could contribute in a year is just $11.88.

So far, Arrowhead Electric Cooperative members have contributed more than $322,800 in Cook County to program areas such as:
• Community Service
• Economic Development
• Education and Youth
• Environment
• Emergency Energy Assistance
• Disaster Relief